Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Sacrifice [Mead]

Book: Last Sacrifice [Vampire Academy Book 6]
Author: Richelle Mead

In the final book of the Vampire Academy series, Rose Hathaway finds herself awaiting trial for murdering the queen. Determined to clear her name, her friends break her out of prison and exile her to a small town so they can solve the murder and keep Rose safe. However, anyone who knows Rose knows she won't be able to sit back and wait. Traveling with alchemist Sydney and her ex Dimitri, they embark on a mission to find Lissa's illegitimate sibling and solve the murder mystery.

I enjoyed this book (the murderer was someone I didn't suspect), but this series changed from 'wow I love it!' to 'I really like it' after the previous book. When I finished the previous book I was surprised that one of my favorite heroines, who had been strong and confident was reduced to a selfish, whiny, annoying main character who I wanted to slap in the face. Rose was written better in this book but she was still so selfish it surprised me anyone was her friend and that she had 2 guys vying for her affection. Speaking of men, there was a love triangle that was resolved. I freely admit I've never been a Dimitri fan-I never felt a spark between them nor particularly cared for him but it was obvious they would end up together. They traveled together for most of the book and he is just a BORING character. I thought Rose was overly harsh during the breakup scene with Adrian considering she cheated on him. Hey-I realize she wasn't in love and essentially used him their entire relationship but he was a good guy and her selfishness and immaturity just irked me.

Overall-I still really enjoyed this book-I love Sydney and look forward to reading the spin off series she will be part of. I thought the sections with Lissa were also very entertaining. Rose, although selfish and immature was still funny at times. It was a good conclusion to the series and a quick, fun, read.


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