Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bloody Bones [Hamilton]

Book: Bloody Bones [Anita Blake #5]
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Review: When Anita and Larry travel out of town to raise a 300 year old zombie to settle a land dispute, their job quickly becomes complicated. Some type of supernatural being is killing locals and they must work with vampires, werewolves and fae to figure out the truth.

This book strongly featured Jean-Claude who is my favorite Anita 'suitor' thus far.  I'm not a Richard fan-I just don't find him attractive in physical description or feel they click together. Anyway-I loved the inclusion of Larry, the overall strong and interesting story line, as well as the character progression we see with Anita. In the previous books she sees human and vampires very black and white-in this book, she starts to question her previous mindset and evolve. Great read!

Grade: B+

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