Friday, September 21, 2012

Haunted [Preble]

Book: Haunted [Dreaming Anastasia #2]
Author: Joy Preble

Review: After saving Anastasia, newly mortal Ethan is traveling around Europe to redefine his life. Anne is back home in Chicago trying to pretend she is a normal teenager, but it's proving challenging. Her powers are growing, she is still dreaming about the hut in the woods and she is being stalked by a mermaid.  Meanwhile, she is dating a really nice guy (Ben) who makes her feel normal, but she cannot reciprocate his feelings of true love. When the mermaid starts to take drastic measures to capture Anne's attention (like almost drowning Ben), Anne, Ben, Ethan (who comes back in town) and Tess go on an adventure back to Baba Yaga's hut. 

I enjoyed the alternate narratives between Anne, Ethan and Baba Yaga. Overall, this was a decent book but it was not as strong as it's predecessor. Anne has a much stronger personality than Ethan and he comes off as really weak (in his defense, he was also kind of weak in book one but I was hoping he'd grow more of a backbone) and she was almost shrill at times. It was frustrating that she used Ben throughout the book and refused to make a decision (even to herself) about being with Ethan. I was also mad that Anne's didn't confide in Tess after Tess continued to prove what a loyal and dedicated friend she was. While the Russian mermaid was interesting, it didn't hold the historical significance of Anastasia Romanov in the first book. There is another book in the series and I hope the Romanov theme comes back into play. 

Grade: 3/5

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