Monday, December 31, 2012

Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark [Bagshawe]

Book: Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark
Author: Tilly Bagshawe

Review: LAPD detective Danny McGuire's first murder case is one he cannot forget. Andrew Jakes, a wealthy old man is brutally murdered and his young, beautiful wife is found raped and badly beaten tied to his body. She donates her inheritance to a children's charity and then disappears. The case runs cold but Danny cannot forget the beautiful woman and her eyes. 10 years later, Danny is working for Interpol when Matt Daley, Andrew Jake's estranged son, shows up stating three other murders have happened with the same MO: Rich elderly man brutally murdered and found bound to his young wife. The young wife inherits a fortune, donates it all to a children's charity and disappears. 

I received this book for Christmas and was really excited to start it. Who doesn't love a good mystery? Although I've never read Sidney Sheldon or Tilly Bagshawe (Sheldon passed away and Bagshawe wrote this based on his notes) I've heard good things. Unfortunately,   the 'mystery' was pretty clear after the second murder was described and it was really unbelievable that all of these wealthy men fell in love so fast. Not too mention the fact that these men, worth hundreds of millions of dollars each, were so in love after a few weeks (or months) they all agreed to quickie weddings without pre-nups.  The wife in each case was said to be very beautiful and enchanted men. I realize there are gorgeous women in the word but I'd love to meet the woman whose eyes are so beautiful they can enchant literally everyone they meet. The plot relating to Matt Daley, and his attraction to one of the widows, dragged on. I'll avoid spoilers, but I'm still not clear how Matt knew to find a certain person in Australia nor how he continued to travel around the world when we were constantly reminded of how broke he was. 

This one can be skipped, but I'll give both authors another chance. I usually love mysteries. 

Grade: 2/5

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