Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ready Player One

Book: Ready Player One
Author: Ernest Cline

Review: It's 2044 and the world economy has tanked. Wade Watts spends almost all his time in OASIS, a virtual reality game where you can go to school and go on amazing adventures. But Wade has another purpose-he is trying to find a golden egg hidden somewhere in the game by James Halliday (one of the creators of OASIS). The first person to find the egg will essentially win the lottery and when Wade finds the first clue, he finds that there are some things people are willing to literally kill for. 

The virtual reality world Cline creates is absolutely fascinating. I wasn't aware that people played video games like this but my husband (a gamer) assures me people like this do exist. I could just imagine this book coming alive on the big screen.  I'm not a gamer by any means nor am I a huge fan of most 80s movies (Halliday is a huge fan of 80s pop culture so there are a lot of references) so it was a little tedious at times, but the overall story arc of the book is good. One odd thing about this book is that while I loved the world Cline created, I had absolutely no emotional attachment to the main character.

Overall-fun read. If you are a gamer and/or love the 80s, you will love this. 

Grade: 3/5

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