Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Book: Consequences
Series: Consequences #1
Author: Aleatha Romig

Review: Claire Nichols is an out of work meteorologist in Atlanta, currently working as a bartender. When she meets a handsome stranger one night working, she breaks her own rule about not dating customers and goes out with him. Claire remembers going back to Anthony's hotel room and having fun, but then everything is blank. She wakes up badly bruised in a strange room and realizes she is being held prisoner. Her capture warns her to behave or their will be consequences. Claire doesn't realize that Anthony has been watching her a long time and their initial meeting was not chance. How far will Claire go to please Anthony? Will he fall in love with Claire, or will he keep viewing her as a pawn in his devious plan?

Okay, I realize reading that above summary that this book sounds like a Lifetime movie and....yes, this book unfolded like one! Let me be clear that this is not a romance novel, this is a psychological thriller. This book is not for everyone. There are difficult scenes, including vicious beatings, rape and psychological warfare. Anthony Rawlings is a brutal, controlling man and it is unsettling reading how Claire falls under his spell.  While the reason behind Anthony's vendetta is a little ridiculous, his actions are certainly well thought out and devious. Claire seems to develop Stockholm Syndrome throughout the book and after I finished it, I couldn't help thinking about what I would have done in her situation (I was literally dreaming about it!). The ending was unexpected and well executed.  

Grade: 4/5

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