Monday, June 29, 2015

Mai Tai'd Up

Book: Mai Tai'd Up

Series: Cocktail #4
Author: Alice Clayton

The gossip mill in the seaside community of Monterey is churning about Chloe Patterson, the newcomer who is starting a sanctuary for rescued pit bulls. It’s rumored that she’s a former beauty queen (true) who ditched her fiancĂ© the morning of their wedding (also true). And that while she’s not looking for a new man, the good-looking local veterinarian has his eye on her. Absolutely, positively true.

When Lucas Campbell isn’t at the family veterinary clinic, he’s paddle boarding in Monterey Bay. Recently single, he’s definitely not in the market for a new relationship, but he still can’t resist taking a second, third, and fourth look at the recent arrival of Miss Golden State.

Neither Lucas nor Chloe has any interest in being tied down. Being tied up, however—now there’s a thought. But are a few Mai Tais, a moonlit night, and the music of Frank Sinatra enough to allow them both to forget their past? Let’s hope Ol’ Blue Eyes knows what he’s doing.

Mix one part tiki, one part kinky, and a splash of old black magic matchmaking, and it’s time to be . . . Mai Tai’d Up.-Goodreads

Review: I love Alice Clayton and the previous Cocktail books so I was prepared to fall in love with Chloe and Lucas. I was also prepared to laugh, because the previous books were so funny. I didn't hate this book by any means, it was a nice romance about a former beauty queen who finally makes her own way in life and a perfectly nice vet. I'm also an animal lover so I appreciated the dog story line. I just felt like too much time was spent on the dogs and not enough time was spent on building up the tension with Chloe and Lucas. Lucas was also introduced too late in the story (it felt like halfway although it may have been a little earlier) and this book lacked humor. 

Overall, my least favorite of the series but I'll keep reading anything by Alice Clayton. 

Grade: 2/5

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