Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Magpies

Book: The Magpies
Author: Mark Edwards

When Jamie and Kirsty move into their first home together, they are full of optimism. The future, in which they plan to get married and start a family, is bright. The other residents of their building seem friendly too, including the Newtons, a married couple who welcome them to the building with open arms.

But then strange things start to happen. Dead rats are left on their doorstep. They hear disturbing noises, and much worse, in the night. After Jamie's best friend is injured in a horrific accident, Jamie and Kirsty find themselves targeted by a campaign of terror.

As they are driven to the edge of despair, Jamie vows to fight back—but he has no idea what he is really up against . . .

The Magpies is a gripping psychological thriller in which the monsters are not vampires or demons but the people who live next door. It is a nightmare that could happen to anyone.-Goodreads

Review: Jamie and Kirsty just bought their dream flat. Nothing can dim their happiness and they are able to shake it off when weird things start happening-like pizza's are delivered that they didn't order and fireman show up that claim they called them for a fire. When things turn more sinister, they try to handle the situation any way they can. 

Great premise and fantastic first half. I can see how people could write off a few weird things as pranks and then struggle to deal when things start escalating. This book fell apart for me in the second half. Part of the issue is that there was no suspense as to who the culprits were (we know very early on in the story) and Jamie became so stupid I was actually rooting for something bad to happen to him. It was just bad decision after bad decision. 

Grade: 2/5

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