Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sweep In Peace

Book: Sweep In Peace
Series: Innkeeper Chronicles #2
Author: Ilona Andrews

Dina DeMille doesn’t run your typical Bed and Breakfast. Her inn defies laws of physics, her fluffy dog is secretly a monster, and the only paying guest is a former Galactic tyrant with a price on her head. But the inn needs guests to thrive, and guests have been scarce, so when an Arbitrator shows up at Dina's door and asks her to host a peace summit between three warring species, she jumps on the chance.

Unfortunately, for Dina, keeping the peace between Space Vampires, the Hope-Crushing Horde, and the devious Merchants of Baha-char is much easier said than done. On top of keeping her guests from murdering each other, she must find a chef, remodel the inn...and risk everything, even her life, to save the man she might fall in love with. But then it's all in the day's work for an Innkeeper…-Goodreads

Review: Fans of the Edge series will see a few familiar names in this book. George, Jack, Gaston and Sophie all make an appearance. Sweep in Peace starts a few months after the previous book ended. Sean is on some unknown intergalactic adventure and Dina cannot stop thinking about their kiss. One evening, an Arbiter shows up (it's George!) asking Dina if she is willing to host a peace summit for between 3 warring groups. It's dangerous, people will probably die..but Dina needs the money so she agrees. 

Like most books by this writing duo, I loved it! I loved Dina's dry humor, Calendia never disappoints and Arland..oh Arland, you are too funny. Dina also hires a chef in this book and he was funny as well. Overall, great world building, great story and lots of chuckles. 

Grade: 5/5

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