Monday, November 27, 2017

Last Breath

Book: Last Breath
Series: The Good Daughter 0.5
Author: Karin Slaughter

Protecting someone always comes at a cost.

At the age of thirteen, Charlie Quinn’s childhood came to an abrupt and devastating end. Two men, with a grudge against her lawyer father, broke into her home – and after that shocking night, Charlie's world was never the same.

Now a lawyer herself, Charlie has made it her mission to defend those with no one else to turn to. So when Flora Faulkner, a motherless teen, begs for help, Charlie is reminded of her own past, and is powerless to say no.

But honour-student Flora is in far deeper trouble than Charlie could ever have anticipated. Soon she must ask herself: How far should she go to protect her client? And can she truly believe everything she is being told?-Goodreads

Review: The Good Daughter is one of my favorite reads this year so I was excited to see Slaughter published a short prequel. In Last Breath, Charlie is a 28 year old attorney who takes on an emancipation case for 15-year old Flora. Charlie feels a kinship to Flora, who also lost her mother at a young age. But Charlie quickly realizes that there may be more to Flora than she originally thought. 

I'm not usually a fan of shorter stories but this was well executed. I enjoyed the mystery and didn't see the end coming. Very good read!

Grade: 4/5

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