Wednesday, May 3, 2023

There Are No Saints

Book: There Are No Saints
Series: Sinners Duet #1
Author: Sophie Lark

I loathe Alastor Shaw.

The city of San Francisco thinks we’re rival artists.

In truth, we’re predators battling for hunting ground.

We never chased the same prey. Until the night we both laid eyes on Mara Eldritch.

Shaw wants to use her as a pawn in his twisted game.

I’m fixated on her for a different reason…

She makes me feel things I never thought I could feel. Want things I never wanted.

Only she can make me lose control.

I don’t know if I should protect her at all costs… or destroy her before she ruins me.

Mara knows I’m no saint. But she has no idea she’s dancing with the devil…-Goodreads

Review: A serial killer falls in love with a woman he almost kills. She, in a completely unbelievable twist, ends up falling in love with him. I can suspend disbelief at times but the plot of this just didn't work for me. I kept rolling my eyes reading it. I was interested enough to read a summary of the next book so I could see how it ends. 

Grade: 2/5

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