Monday, July 6, 2009

Dearly Devoted Dexter [Lindsay]

Book: Dearly Devoted Dexter
Author: Jeff Lindsay
Reason for Reading: for fun
Genre: Thriller

Review: Book 2 in Lindsay's Dexter series follows Dexter Morgan (dedicated boyfriend, brother, blood spatter expert, serial killer) as he is stalked by a co-worker, Sergeant Doakes. With Doakes' unwanted attention, Dexter cannot give in to his favorite past time (killing) so he becomes a couch potato, drinking beer and spending more time with Rita and the kids. However, when a sinister killer arrives in Miami, Dexter realizes Doakes is somehow involved. When the feds arrive to track down the killer and his sister asking for her help, Dexter works overtime to track the killer and try to resolve his situation with Doakes.

Recommend: darkly humorous and well written, this was better than the 1st book. I can't wait to read book #3!

Book Junkie's Grade: B+

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