Friday, July 24, 2009

Undercover [Dane]

Book: Undercover
Author: Lauren Dane
Reason for Reading: for fun
Genre: Romance -Erotica

Review: The premise of this book is so preposterous I'm going to copy the summary from Amazon:

"As a lieutenant of the Federation military, Sera Ayers is more accustomed to giving orders than taking them. Now she must obey the one man she can't stand--and can't stop thinking about.

With the enemy Imperialists gaining ground, a new covert team is assembled by Ash Walker. Ten years before, Sera had lovingly submitted to Ash's dominance in the bedroom. But when he was forced into a political marriage, she left him rather than become his mistress. His marriage now over, Ash wants Sera on his team--and back in his bed.

The third team member, Brandt Pela, has an elegance to match Ash's savage sexuality. And when their undercover plan requires Sera to pose as Brandt's lover, it ignites a passion among the three of them more dangerous than their mission..."

To give you even more background-the team is forced to go to a planet with cameras EVERYWHERE and Sera is forced to work undercover as a concubine for both men. They 'have' to be physical with each other or their cover is blown. I will give Dane credit for trying a science fiction angle and writing some inventive erotic scenes, but overall the writing was poor and there was little depth to the characters.

Recommend: no

Book Junkie's Grade: D

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