Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dune Road [Green]

Book: Dune Road
Author: Jane Green
Genre: Chick-Lit

Review: Kit, a recently divorced mom of 2, moves from her palatial mansion in a wealthy suburb of CT to a smaller home in the same area. She has a great relationship with her ex-husband, a Wall Street banker (she didn't want to become the trophy wife she felt he wanted) and a great group of girlfriends. She starts working as an assistant to a reclusive writer and begins dating a new man. Meanwhile, one of her friends starts dating her boss yet is being secret about it, and another is facing financial problems in the wake of the current economic environment. Kit's life is further interrupted when a woman arrives claiming to be her sister.

I'm a huge fan of Jane Green and this book was 'off.' First of all, Green's 'American' English could use some help. Where was the editor? Certain words should have been changed as this book is about Americans. The reasons why Kit and her husband got divorced were very thin and I'm sure most readers were routing for them to get back together from practically page 1. The subplot involving her friend Tracy was completely ridiculous and *spoiler alert* I find it hard to believe that anyone would automatically forgive someone for purposely setting them up with a physically abusive conman. Furthermore, Green became lazy at the end and spent a lot of time recapping certain aspects of the characters that they reader already knew from the previous 200 or so pages.

'Jemima J' this book is NOT!

Book Junkie's Grade: C-

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