Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Look Again [Scottoline]

Book: Look Again
Author: Lisa Scottoline
Genre: Fiction

Review: Ellen is about to throw out her mail when she notices a child on the missing persons flier looks like her 3-year old adopted son. Unsure what to do, she begins researching his birth parents (she knows her adoption was legal) and the couple whose child was stolen. She soon finds herself tangled up in a tangled legal web where she may end up losing the one thing she loves more than anything, her son.

While an interesting concept, this book jumped the shark by the main character's actions (she tracks down the people whose son was stolen and gets their DNA...why wouldn't she just hire a private investigator?). There was also an action sequence that came out of left field toward the end of the book and I eventually just didn't care what happened to her.

Book Junkie's Grade: C

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