Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shadowfever [Moning]

Book: Shadowfever [Fever Series Book #5]
Author: Karen Marie Moning

Review: ***This review contains spoilers*** After reading the first four books in this series last year, I became obsessed with trying to figure out what would happen in this book. I combed every blog and fan site I could find to read what others were saying. I was extra pumped going into this after rereading book 4 and dived into this full speed ahead. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. When Mac discovered she stabbed Barrons and finally admitted her feelings for him, I think I did a fist pump and shouted "finally!". Discovering Alina's killer was a nice surprise and I liked V'Lane's duplicity. I also didn't foresee the identify of the dreamy eyed boy. However-there were a few things I wasn't thrilled with. First and foremost, Moning spent 4 books building up the Lord Master and he is killed off in a very muted manner. That was disappointing. Next, while the Keltar's were an interesting addition in previous books, the inclusion of their families, as well as Mac's, were cartoonish and unnecessary. I'm not sure if Moning was trying to add an element of comic relief but it didn't fit with tone of the rest of the series. My biggest complaint with this book was that we still don't know what exactly Barrons is!! Yes, we know he turns into a beast sometimes and he's immortal, but I wasn't satisfied with that explanation. I realize Mac was fine without more information (and a few people I know who read the book said 'that was the point') but I still craved more! One more thing on Barrons...we don't see him eat for 4 books and we find out he likes Mac's mother's pie (??!!??). And the last scene in the book is Barrons grilling steaks..very random and not a satisfying conclusion.

Even with the parts I didn't enjoy or thought were missing, I still really enjoyed this book.

Grade: B+

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