Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love at First Flight [Force]

Book: Love at First Flight
Author: Marie Force

Review: Michael is engaged to a high maintenance rich girl he's been dating for years while 28 year old hairstylist Juliana is patiently waiting for a ring from her high school boyfriend. They meet on a flight to Florida to visit their respective significant others and quickly connect. After they experience disastrous weekends (Michael calls off his engagement while Juliana and her boyfriend decide to take a break for a few months) they end up on the same flight back. The book completely jumped the shark at this point when she moves in with Michael (after only meeting him days earlier!). Force attempts to add some "tension" to the book with a subplot involving a court case Michael is prosecuting and some waffling on Juliana's part as to which man is the right one for her, but it is obvious how this book will end. I love a good romance novel like many women but this book was not good. It was a free download for kindle and I got what I paid for. Don't waste your time on this one.

Grade: D

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