Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All About Passion [Laurens]

Book: All About Passion [Cynster #7]
Author: Stephanie Laurens

Review: Giles Chillingworth, a well known rake within the ton, realizes he needs a wife to help manage land and estate. He decides to enter a marriage of convenience with Francesca, a distant cousin with Italian heritage whose dowry will bring him additional land. Giles is so determined to treat this union as a business transaction, he doesn't even want to meet his bride-to-be before the ceremony. He is shocked to discover that he does know Francesca, and the physical passion between them is something he cannot ignore. As Giles and Francesca develop a strong physical bond, Francesca tries to break down the barriers to his heart. As Francesca and Giles work on their marriage, a series of events leads them to believe someone is making attempts on Francesca's life.

I enjoyed Chillingworth in the previous Cynster books and thought this would be interesting. Unfortunately, this book was extremely boring. Most of the book seemed to focus on Francesca managing household duties and the "mystery" was ridiculous, even by romance novel standards. This book can be skipped. 

Grade: C

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