Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lover Reborn [Ward]

Book: Lover Reborn [Black Dagger Brotherhood #10]
Author: J.R. Ward

Review: Tohrment is still struggling with the death of Wellsie (his shellan) and their unborn child but continues to fight the lessers every night with his brothers. He fights without abandon and seems to have a death wish himself. He doesn't know that Wellsie is stuck in the 'In Between' and cannot enter the Fade until he lets her go.  Lassister, the fallen-angel who rescued Tohr, tries to explain what is happening to Wellsie and tries to help Tohr move forward. Wellsie is quickly running out of time, but Tohr cannot let go of the love of his life. When he gets a second chance at love, he fights his feelings and tries to get over overwhelming guilt. Meanwhile, a new group of vampires is fighting the lessers and challenging Wrath's (the Blind King) throne, while Xhex and John Matthew struggle with their relationship.

After the disastrous 'Lover Mine,' I was hesitant to read another BDB book but I'm glad my friend Jill mailed me this book. It was great! Without question, the best BDB book yet. Ward toned down the crazy slang (I realize this is urban fantasy but it can be over the top, considering the vampires in question are hundreds of years old) and Tohr was a sympathetic lead. It would be difficult for anyone to deal such a traumatic loss and it provided a strong back story to build upon. Lassister was a fantastic, funny character and I hope to see more of him in future books. The Band of Bastards, while the BDB's nemesis in this book have potential to form an allegiance and serve as leads in future books. I could have done without the Xhex/John Matthew drama (as readers of this blog know, I am not a fan of them!), but I still devoured this in about two nights. 

Grade: A-

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