Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Code Name Verity [Wein]

Book: Code Name Verity
Author: Elizabeth Wein

Review: 'Careless chatter costs lives.' It's WWII, 1943. A British plane crashes in Nazi occupied France with two friends, a female pilot and a female spy. The spy is quickly caught by the Gestapo and held captive in a former hotel. She is forced to write a confession detailing everything she knows about the British war effort. This book is her confession to the Gestapo, where she tells the story about Maggie, her friend (the pilot), her path to becoming a pilot, their friendship and how they both ended up crashing into France. 

I will refrain from spoilers but this is without question the best book I've read this year. It is about many things-war, truth, humanity and most importantly, friendship. I laughed, I cried and I wanted to reread the book immediately after I finished it. It starts off very slow but I'm glad I pushed through and finished it. An absolutely fabulous read that I'm already recommending to friends. Don't miss this one! Even though this is marketed as YA, this will appeal to adult readers (I was surprised it was a YA book).  

Grade: 5 stars

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