Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Fifth Woman [Mankell]

Book: The Fifth Woman [Kurt Wallander #5]
Author: Henning Mankell

Review: Four nuns and an unidentified fifth woman are murdered in an African convent. The local police cover up the death of the fifth woman. In Sweden, a retired car-dealer and bird watcher/poet is murdered in a ditch behind his rural home. Shortly afterward, a seemingly benign florist is found strangled and tied against a tree. Detective Kurt Wallander only has a few clues to go on. Can he figure out who is performing these brutal murders before any person is killed? 

Similar to 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' this book is written in extreme detail. Maybe this is a trait of Swedish authors? Unlike 'Tattoo' I found this book engrossing. Set in the early 90s, Wallander and his team cannot rely on smart phones or immediately access to the internet to research the case. They rely on old-fashioned police work (how I envision it at least). I felt like I was investigating the crime with Kurt Wallander. It was harrowing, dark, depressing and an overall really good read. I will definitely be checking out the rest of this series. 

Grade: 4/5 stars

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