Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fate's Edge

Book: Fate's Edge
Series: The Edge #3
Author: Ilona Andrews

Review: I loved this book. LOVED it. Hands down, my favorite book in The Edge series.

Audrey Callahan works as an insurance investigator in the pacific northwest. A former thief, she is trying to live a simple (and legal) life. When her father shows up and asks her to do one more job, she agrees under the condition her family will leave her alone forever. Kaldar Mar, our favorite Mar with his charming good looks, charm and ability to bet himself in and out of situations, is now working for the Hand. He is tasked with tracking down the item and thinks it will be easy, until he meets Audrey. When the item gets in the hands of the wrong people, they have to work together to steal it back.  

What happens when a conman and con-woman have to work together? Their games don't work very well on each other, but it doesn't mean they stop trying. Kaldar was determined to seduce Audrey and she was equally adamant she could resist him. They complimented each other perfectly and their banter back and forth was funny throughout the book. I really enjoyed the first two books, but I love how Audrey was so different from Rose and Cerise in terms of her fighting skills-she had none. Her talents were in picking locks and grifting. Andrew's perfectly balanced the romance with the action/adventure and I was excited to read sections from the perspective of George and Jack. 

Overall-GREAT read. I loved this book! Home Run!

Grade: 5 BIG STARS

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