Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Entwined with You

Book: Entwined with You
Series: Crossfire
Author: Sylvia Day

Review: **This review contains spoilers**

'Entwined With You' picks up immediately after the last book ended. Eva learns that Gideon staged their breakup and that he murdered Nathan to protect her. What will happen with their relationship now? Are the police still investigating the crime? Can Eva and Gideon heal from their past and build a successful and healthy future together?

First, this series was initially marketed as a trilogy but I knew before I read this that it is now going to be a five part series. I'm okay with that, but I can see why people who didn't would be frustrated. That being said, I have been looking forward to this book for months. I loved the first book, was disappointed in the second book and had high hopes for this book. I wish I could say I loved this book but  it didn't live up to expectations. 

Similar to the last book, about 2/3 of this book had little to no plot and then there was some progression the last third. I was hoping to see how Eva and Gideon would handle the whole 'I killed someone for you' situation, but it was barely referenced and they mostly sneaked around (to hide their relationship from people and the police) and had sex. Their relationship is still completely unhealthy and seems more like an addiction to each other than a loving/caring partnership. There were several references to how virile Gideon was and a lot of pages dedicated to how hot Eva thinks he is. We get it. We're on book 3. He's a god among men. They do get engaged (and secretly married) at the end of the book and the proposal was...nothing special to say the least. 

There was too much time spent on daily activities. Eva goes to lunch with a co-worker whose wife (maybe it was his girlfriend) doesn't each carbs. I think she had 3 lunch dates with this dude. There was way too much time spent on Corinne and her obsessive behavior with Gideon. I think I'm with most readers when I say: we don't care about Corinne. At all. Someone else we don't care about? Megumi. She must have a prominent storyline in the next 2 books because she was all over this book. My sympathy for Carey took a nose dive with his storyline and I never thought I'd say this, but Eva really frustrated me as well. She is supposedly madly in love with Gideon and he is everything she ever wanted, but she still can't break off ties with Brett. She is still attracted to him, he is hot, etc etc. Eva tells us her relationship with Brett wasn't that serious but yet she cannot bring herself to cut off communications with him. The final straw was when she invited him back to her apartment. Alone! Nothing happened, but she was playing with fire. 

Finally, there was a minor subplot involving the police investigation which should play a big role in the next book. Someone knows Gideon killed Nathan and cleaned up after him. The Russian mob may also be involved. 

The most frustrating thing about this book is the ending-it literally just ends, seemingly mid chapter. 

Although I was very disappointed in this, I will definitely finish the series. 

Grade: 2/5

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