Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spider's Revenge

Book: Spider's Revenge
Series: Elemental Assassins #5
Author: Jennifer Estep

Review: After Elektra LaFleur's unsuccessful attempt to eliminate the Spider, Mab Monroe puts a bounty out on both the Spider and Bria. Gin and her team have to battle several bounty hunters before eliminating the most dangerous rival of all, Mab. But is Gin strong enough to defeat the woman with the strongest elemental power in the last 500 years? 

'Spider's Revenge' started off in the most frustrating way possible. Gin (**mild spoiler alert**) attempts to kill Mab but she is unsuccessful due to her lack of patience. Gin's specialty as the Spider is never rushing things, so it was so frustrating that she screwed up. Of course, it was necessary to set up the rest of the book, so we'll go with it. There were so many great parts of this book. Most of the bounty hunters were incompetent, but there was an older woman and young girl that were quite skilled in their quest to capture Gin and Bria. Speaking of Bria, she develops a love interest in this book (I won't reveal with who but it's exciting!) while Gin and Owen take some big steps forward in their relationship (yay!).  There was another frustrating segment where Gin knowingly walks into a trap set by Mab (she literally has no real plan to kill Mab, just show up at a party and hope an opportunity presents itself). Not surprisingly, Gin isn't successful but it sets up the final showdown between Mab and Gin which was exciting.  I will admit it seems like Finn could have shot Mab easily while she was staring down Gin but the magical fight was more entertaining. However-my favorite part of this book **spoiler alert** is that Gin has been outed as the Spider. What will happen now?! 

Also-this book did not rehash every detail of the previous books nor was it very repetitive. Loved it!

Grade: 5 stars

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