Monday, May 20, 2013

Bayou Moon

Book: Bayou Moon
Series: The Edge #2
Author: Ilona Andrews

Review: William Wolf is a changling (shape shifter) living a solitary life in the the Edge. Changlings are considered very dangerous and unstable by people in The Weird (magical world) and William has lived a difficult life. Given to the government the day he was born, he was raised in Hawk's Academy (a prison like setting) that trained him to be a ruthless killer. Although he is no longer active military, William is approached to go on a mission in The Mire (a swamp in the Edge) to retrieve an object that is being hunted by the Spider. The Spider is a spy for Louisiana, a country in the Weird that is trying to start a war. 

Cerise Mar is native to the Mire and head of her family after her parents are kidnapped. They are rich in people, poor in finances. When a rival family takes over her grandparents house, Cerise has to prepare her family for a fight. Cerise and William meet up and eventually join forces traveling through the Mire. 

It's official-I'm in love with another series by Ilona Andrews!! While the romance aspect of the book wasn't as strong as book 1 in the series (there was very little conflict between the main characters), the overall plot was much meatier. We have an almost 100 year family feud, old magic, monsters in the woods, genetic experiments and best of all-the Spider. Although he is the bad guy in the book, I was so fascinated by him. He's bad, but he thinks he is doing his patriotic duty which makes him that much more dangerous. William was also so deliciously 'other'. Not human and not animal, it was great to be inside his head. 

Love!! If you are a fan of urban fantasy, check out this series. 

Grade: 4.5/5

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