Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Book: Venom
Series: Elemental Assassins #3
Author: Jennifer Estep

Review: Gin Blanco agrees to help Roslyn, a local vampire who is being stalked by a giant in Mab's inner circle. Gin and her team work together to help Roslyn, while Gin also learns to embrace her stone and ice magic. 

I loved a lot of things about this book. First of all-the secondary characters that are part of Gin's team (that is how I consider them anyway) are well developed and funny. Gin's foster brother Finnegan Lane is smart, sexy and funny. Swoon! Gin's new love interest Owen Grayson-he has a fabulous back story and great potential. He is much more compatible with Gin than Caine. The dwarf sisters Sophia (we finally learn her special talent) and JoJo are a hoot and so loyal to Gin. The addition of Gin's long lost sister, Bria, is promising. I also enjoyed Gin embracing her powers and her realization that she will need to utilize her magic in addition to her knives. She is also morally conflicted which makes her more compelling.

What I didn't love about this book was the extreme repetition. Gin has five knives (2 in her boots, 2 up her sleeves, 1 along small of her back). Finn drinks chickory coffee.
Fletcher Lane was her mentor for 17 years. A lot of background on the previous 2 books. 

Overall-even with the repetition, I loved this!

Grade: 5 stars

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