Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tangled Threads

Book: Tangled Threads
Series: Elemental Assassins #4
Author: Jennifer Estep

Review: After taking out Mab's number one enforcer, the Spider has a huge target on her back. And this time, Mab's hired assassin Elektra LaFleur to take care of the problem. Elektra is professional, smart and sadistic. She has strong elemental power and likes to electrocute people to death. Gin and Elektra seem to be evenly matched-the only question is, who will end up on top?

Out of all of the adversaries in the series, Elektra has been the best foe for Gin. They were very evenly matched and I like the cat and mouse game. I wish the final showdown between Elektra and Gin had Gin using more of her elemental powers but overall, great. There was a subplot involving a kidnapped child that shows how sadistic Mab Monroe is, which I think is important to the series because while we are told how evil Mab is in the prior books, this is the first time we really see her doing something nefarious firsthand. 

In terms of my final rating, the Elektra storyline is 5 stars, but a good portion of this book was a summary of previous books. It was very frustrating that so much of the book could be skimmed.  

Grade: 3.5/5

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