Sunday, July 31, 2016

Flowers For the Dead

Book: Flowers for the Dead
Author: Barbara Copperthwaite

ADAM WILL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. EVEN IF IT KILLS YOU. Adam Bourne is a serial killer who thinks he is a saviour. When he murders his victims and cuts off the women's lips, he believes he has done it to make them happy. How did he become warped from the sensitive four-year-old who adored his gran and the fairy tales she read to him? What turned him into a monster who stalks his victims? And what is he trying to say with the bouquets he sends? When he meets Laura Weir, Adam weaves a fairy tale romance around them. A tale she has no idea she is part of. As he hatches his twisted plan for their fairy story ending, can anyone stop him before he creates the ultimate sacrifice to love?-Goodreads

Review: This is my first Copperthwaite book and it did not disappoint. She successfully created a serial killer who I empathized with. Adam is a well developed character-he's sadistic, creepy and my heart absolutely broke for him as a child. I was captivated by the cat and mouse game he played with the object of his affection, Laura, and it definitely did not end how I was expecting. 

Overall-a fun read and I will definitely read more from this author. 

Grade: 4/5

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