Sunday, July 31, 2016

What Strange Creatures

Book: What Strange Creatures
Author: Emily Arsenault

The Battle siblings are used to disappointment. Seven years, one marriage and divorce, three cats, and a dog later, Theresa still hasn’t finished her dissertation. Instead of a degree, she’s got a houseful of adoring pets and a dead-end copywriting job for a local candle company.

Jeff, her so-called genius older brother, doesn’t have it together, either. Creative, and loyal, he’s also aimless in work and love. But his new girlfriend, Kim, a pretty waitress in her twenties, appears smitten.

When Theresa agrees to dog-sit Kim’s puggle for a weekend, she has no idea that it is the beginning of a terrifying nightmare that will shatter her quiet world. Soon, Kim’s body will be found in the woods, and Jeff will become the prime suspect.

Though the evidence is overwhelming, Theresa knows that her brother is not a cold-blooded murderer. But to clear him she must find out more about Kim. Investigating the dead woman’s past, Theresa uncovers a treacherous secret involving politics, murder, and scandal—and becomes entangled in a potentially dangerous romance. But the deeper she falls into this troubling case, the more it becomes clear that, in trying to save her brother’s life, she may be sacrificing her own.-Goodreads

Review: I started this book absolutely annoyed with Theresa, our heroine. I found her annoying on every level and I was not excited to read about her trying to clear her brother's name after he's arrested for murder. I'm glad I stuck with the book however, because once she becomes more involved in her investigation, the book picks up steam and became more interesting. I thought I had it all figured out..and I was pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong about the 'whodunit.' 

Overall-starts slow, annoying main character who eventually grew on me, but this was a decent read. 

Grade: 3/5

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