Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Secret Sins

Book: Secret Sins
Author: CD Reiss

Her name is Cinnamon. Cin for short. Band mates Strat and Indy don’t know anything about her except she’s smart as hell and sexy as heaven. They can’t agree who gets her, so they do the only thing two best friends could do. They declare her off limits to both of them.

Margie, AKA Cinnamon-you-can-call-me-Cin, has a thing or two to tell these guys. Nobody “gets” her. She’ll let them know which one she wants when she can decide between them. Until then, their little pledges and promises aren’t her problem.

Her family is her problem. Her friends. And the world-famous blues rocker who has her cornered. He’s her problem too.

This may be one problem she can’t fix without some help. -Goodreads

Review: If you are a fan of erotic romance and haven't read CD Reiss-please do yourself a favor and try one of her books. Her stories are not just about sex. She has a talent for crafting interesting, multi-dimensional characters and stories. She has been exploring the Drazen family for awhile now (there are 3 complete series for Jonathon, Fiona and Theresa) and this is a stand-alone for the oldest sister, Margie.  

Told in alternating timelines, we follow Margie as a teenager who finds herself involved with best friends and band mates, and present day Margie, a young attorney who reunites with one of the guys. While the 'big reveal' was easy to spot early on, it didn't diminish the read in any way. Margie is a feisty, take-charge personality and I loved everything except the ending. The book ended abruptly with little closure. And as this is a standalone, there isn't going to be more to the story. Boo!

Grade: 4/5

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