Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Faerie War

Book: The Faerie War
Series: Creepy Hollow #3
Author: Rachel Morgan

Violet Fairdale is in big trouble. Her home is gone, her beloved forest lies in ruins, the guy she gave her heart to has deserted her—and she doesn’t remember any of it. The powerful Lord Draven is taking over, brainwashing guardians into fighting for him. No one is safe from the evil spreading throughout the fae world.

As alliances are forged between the remaining free fae, Vi struggles to reclaim her identity and figure out where she belongs in this new world. When someone from her past shows up, life gets even more complicated. He brings with him a long-forgotten weapon and an ancient prophecy that places Vi at the center of the fight against Draven. With the future of the fae world at stake, can Vi carry out the prophecy’s instructions before it’s too late? -Goodreads

Review: Book 1 in this series was good and book 2 was even better. While this book started off very strong, the plot was unable to hold my interest. Violet is a strong, kick ass heroine in the first installments and this time around-she has no memories for the majority of the book. She bonds with new characters who I frankly didn't care much about. And Draven...while it was explained how he became so powerful, I had a hard time believing it. I wish there had been some chapters from his point of view. Once again, I did enjoy the ending with a scene from Ryn's point of view. 

Overall-my least favorite of the series, but I overall enjoyed this world. I will definitely read more from Rachel Morgan. 

Grade: 2/5

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