Friday, October 6, 2017

When I'm Gone

Book: When I'm Gone
Author: Emily Bleeker

Dear Luke,
First let me say—I love you... I didn’t want to leave you...

Luke Richardson has returned home after burying Natalie, his beloved wife of sixteen years, ready to face the hard job of raising their three children alone. But there’s something he’s not prepared for—a blue envelope with his name scrawled across the front in Natalie’s handwriting, waiting for him on the floor of their suburban Michigan home.

The letter inside, written on the first day of Natalie’s cancer treatment a year ago, turns out to be the first of many. Luke is convinced they’re genuine, but who is delivering them? As his obsession with the letters grows, Luke uncovers long-buried secrets that make him question everything he knew about his wife and their family. But the revelations also point the way toward a future where love goes on—in written words, in memories, and in the promises it’s never too late to keep.-Goodreads

Review: Have you ever read a book and wished you had those hours of your life back? This is one of those books. The premise sounds great. When Luke's wife of 16 years dies, he starts receiving letters in the mail. Oddly enough, these letters do absolutely nothing to show the strong love or bond between Luke and Natalie and the letters stop mid-way through the book. Luke has zero (I repeat, ZERO) personality and the author threw in so many subplots (abusive relationships, teen pregnancy, etc) it was like the author had a checklist of things she wanted to throw in there. This could have been executed better and made the book interesting, but with Luke at the helm...nope, boring, contrived and there are so many coincidences it was beyond unbelievable. As for Natalie herself, when we finally learn 'the big reveal' I am not surprised her mother hated Luke. 

Skip this one unless you are looking for a Lifetime drama with boring characters. 

Grade: 1/5

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