Friday, June 29, 2018

Due Process

Book: Due Process
Series: Joe Dillard #9
Author: Scott Pratt

A young exotic dancer claims she was sexually assaulted at a party thrown by a university football team.

Three players stand accused.

In the ninth installment of the bestselling Joe Dillard series, Dillard finds himself defending one of the players accused of assaulting the young woman. The case receives national attention, quickly escalating into a platform for deep-seeded division and hatred. It also ensnares Dillard, along with his son, Jack, and Charleston Story into a web of lies and deceit spun by a mysterious figure with a hidden agenda.

Meanwhile, his wife, Caroline, continues her fight against metastatic breast cancer, and his sister, Sarah, comes back into the picture. Culminating in a courtroom scene worthy of Perry Mason, Dillard must take on one of the most difficult cases of his career. Will justice prevail? Or will the weight of the criminal justice system grind Joe and his client to dust? -Goodreads

Review:  This book is essentially the Duke Lacrosse case from 2006. A white stripper accuses black football players of being raped at a party and despite a distinct lack of evidence, the DA takes the case to trial. While the storyline itself was fine, I could not connect with any character. The protagonist, defense attorney Joe Dillard himself, seemed completely unrealistic. Perhaps this is because I read book #9 in a series without the others, but this didn't work for me on any level. 

Grade: 1/5

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