Friday, June 29, 2018

Losing Leah Holloway

Book: Losing Leah Holloway
Series: Claire Fletcher #1
Author: Lisa Regan

When Claire sees a car full of children careen into a river, she rushes to the rescue. But the driver, a mother named Leah Holloway, prefers to drown. For Claire and her ex, Detective Connor Parks, it doesn’t add up. What would motivate a woman with a beautiful family and a successful career to resort to such unspeakable extremes? What Connor finds out confirms Claire’s suspicions of something dreadful behind Holloway’s picture-perfect facade: a link between the terrified mother and a serial strangler targeting Sacramento soccer moms.

As Claire and Connor are drawn back together, their investigation leads them to unearth everything Holloway was hiding. What they find could be the only way to stop a killer from striking again.-Goodreads

Review: Leah is a hard worker, committed wife and loving mom to 3 young children. So what could possibly cause Leah to drive her SUV off a bridge with the intent to kill herself, her 3 children and her neighbor's twins? Claire is on the scene and helps rescue the kids but Leah drowns. Claire and Connor team up to figure out what happened. 

I'm once again impressed with Lisa Regan's storytelling abilities. Told in alternating timelines, we follow Connor and Claire in the present timeline trying to figure out what happened while we follow Leah before the crash. Knowing Leah tried to kill 5 children was horrifying and trying to figure out why kept me turning the pages. 

Grade: 4/5

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