Friday, October 26, 2018

Deadly Web

Book: Deadly Web
Series: Glenmore Park #2
Author: Mike Omer

One Night, Two Dead Victims

Killers don’t patiently wait their turn before committing murder

Detective Hannah Shor is desperate to prove her worth to her superiors, and herself. When a middle aged man is found stabbed to death in his apartment, she might just get her chance. But then she finds that the victim was a vile Internet Troll, sexually harassing women on Twitter. Hannah starts wondering if she really wants to catch his killer.

And the night is far from over. Only several hours later, a young woman is strangled to death. Detective Jacob Cooper discovers that the victim was lost in her own online world–a recluse who spent all day sucked into a violent online role-playing game. To find the killer, Jacob might have to step into the game.

Now Hannah will have to push aside her qualms, and Jacob will have to find a way to overcome his technophobia, if they want to crack the cases. Their search will take them into the seedier parts of the Internet and uncover shocking secrets as they attempt to expose a killer.-Goodreads

Review: Deadly Web follows the Glenmore Park detectives as they work to solve two different murders. Hannah and her partner are assigned a case of a vile man who harassed women on Twitter. While I found the case itself quite interesting, Hannah grated on my nerves. I felt like her focus was on impressing her higher ups than really wanting to find justice. The 2nd story line, which I thought was really good, involved Mitchell and Lonnie as they investigated a depressed recluse (who is a huge gamer) who is found strangled in her house. 

Overall, I enjoyed it. 

Grade: 3/5

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