Friday, October 26, 2018

Web of Fear

Book: Web of Fear
Series: Glenmore Park #3
Author: Mike Omer

Detective Hannah Shor gets a case in the worst way possible – a friend calls her for help. Her twelve year old daughter has been kidnapped, and Hannah joins forces with the FBI to bring her home safely.

A ransom note gone viral

When the kidnappers post an image of their captive on Instagram, the situation spins out of control. Now, the whole world is watching. Rumors spread like wildfire, and online vigilantes add fuel to the raging flames.

As Hannah digs deeper, she unravels dark secrets from the family’s past. With the realization that the kidnapping is about more than just a ransom, Hannah needs to close in on the truth, before Abigail’s time runs out.-Goodreads

Review: Another enjoyable read in the Glenmore Park series. In this installment, Hannah is on a bad blind date when she receives a call from a family friend. Hannah learns the woman's 12 year old daughter is missing. Glenmore Park and the FBI are on the case, as they race against time to save a little girl.

The 12-year old in this book meets a "boy" online and leaves her house to meet him one night. This "boy" is actually a kidnapper with sinister motives. As a parent of a 10 year old, this scares me because I know this happens in real life. I thought it was very creative how the kidnapper posted messages via the girls own Instagram feed requesting ransom money. One of the kidnappers was rather obvious (only because no other characters were provided as possible suspects) and Omer could have left out the romance with the detectives, but this was an enjoyable mystery. 

Grade: 3/5

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