Friday, October 30, 2020


Book: Mercy
Series: Brigham Theodore #2
Author: Victor Methos

Brigham Theodore is a courtroom brawler, a criminal defense attorney who spends his time slugging it out with the government in court. A year after winning his biggest case, he finds himself at a new firm defending clients of every kind. Drug dealers, gangsters, con men and thugs are the people he defends every day. For him, the fight is what matters.

As the new hotshot lawyer in town, Brigham is referred an engineer accused of euthanizing his wife who was dying of pancreatic cancer. Brigham believes the case to be an easy one, a plea deal down the line for a sympathetic husband. But Vince Dale, once the prosecutor on Brigham's biggest case and now the County Attorney, remembers the sting of defeat and refuses to make a plea bargain on the case. With nothing left to lose, Brigham must use every ounce of fight he has in him to defend a man who has the full weight of the government pressing down on him, and who might not survive it.-Goodreads

Review: Brigham Theodore is back, this time defending a man accused of euthanizing his cancer stricken wife. Methos is best crafting courtroom scenes and letting the readers see how an attorney works. The romance storyline with Brigham and Molly could have been left out entirely and while I really enjoy how the story was crafted, the ending was not logical. 

Grade: 3/5

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