Friday, October 30, 2020

Sacrifice Me: Season One

Book: Sacrifice Me: Season One
Author: Sarra Cannon

On her twenty-first birthday, Franki Smith receives a dozen black roses and an unsigned invitation to a nightclub. Two handwritten words near the top haunt her. "Little Bird." Her mother's nickname for her.

Only, Franki's mother disappeared without a trace exactly three years ago to the day.

And the nightclub doesn’t seem to exist.

Who sent the dark gift? Franki's need to answer this question leads her to the doorway of a strange and glamorous new world. A world her mother went to great lengths to keep hidden.

A world someone desperately wants Franki to discover, where forbidden romance and dangerous truths await.-Goodreads

Review: While I found Franki an interesting character with a lot of potential, the world building was lacking in this series. Upon further research, this is the 2nd book in this world and I should have read that book first. Overall, it was okay but I would definitely give this author another try. 

Grade: 2.5/5

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