Wednesday, May 13, 2009

204 Rosewood Lane [Macomber]

Book: 204 Rosewood Lane [Cedar Cove book 2]
Author: Debbie Macomber
Genre: Romance
Reason for Reading: for fun

Christine's Review: This book takes off where book 1 left off and while there are many story lines, the book focuses on on Grace Sherman. After her husband deserts her after 35 years of marriage, Grace divorces him although she is not sure what happened to him. At the same time, she meets an attractive divorcee who is interested in dating her.

Many story lines from the previous book are expanded such as Judge Lockhart's love life and her daughter Justine's new marriage. New characters are introduced, such as Zach and Rosie Cox, whose marriage is crumbling.

This book is just as gossipy and fun as book one. Macomber spends a lot of time recapping the previous book and those sections can be skipped altogether.

Recommend: Yes

Book Junkie's Grade: B

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