Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tempted [Hart]

Book: Tempted
Author: Megan Hart
Genre: Romance - Erotica
Reason for Reading: for fun

Christine's Review: Anne has the perfect life with her husband, James, and their little house on a lake. She thinks she has it all until her husband's best friend, Alex, comes for an extended visit. When she discovers that she wants Alex and James doesn't object, a complicated relationship begins which leaves Anne wondering who loves James most of all.

This book had some good moments but the character development and plot were not as strong as 'Dirty.' Anne was a boring protagonist who was consumed with portraying herself as 'perfect' and I never felt connected to James or Alex. There was a subplot involving Anne's family which wasn't earth shattering or that interesting. Overall, there were some sensual scenes but they weren't enough to salvage the read.
Recommend: NO

Book Junkie's Grade: C

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