Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Killer [Shepard]

Book: Killer [Pretty Little Liars book #6]
Author: Sara Shepard

Review: Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna discover the person on trial for Ali's murder has been framed. Meanwhile, they try to decipher "A"'s messages-is "A" trying to help them figure out the mystery or sending them on a wild goose chase? As usual, the mystery surrounding "A" and Ali's murder is intertwined with drama in each girls life (step siblings, possible adoption, new boyfriends, etc.).

I enjoyed this book more than book #5 although anyone reading the series should not read them straight through. Like any series over a few books, it is easy to get sick of the main characters. Take a break and read something else in between! It is important to realize all 8 of the Pretty Little Liar books take place over the girls' junior year of high school. It is sometimes hard to remember that maturity level of 16/17 year old's. I enjoyed Spencer and Hanna's storylines, while I could have done without Emily.

Grade: B

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