Monday, August 23, 2010

Unbelievable [Shepard]

Book: Unbelievable [Pretty Little Liars book #4]
Author: Sara Shepard

Review: 'Unbelievable' follows our Rosewood quartet right where book 3 ended. Hanna survives the attack but head trauma leaves her with gaps in her memory..including remembering who "A" is. Meanwhile, Emily struggles to find acceptance within her family, Spencer suspects her sister is involved with Ali's murder and Aria's living situation becomes complicated.

Fast paced similar to book 3, I enjoyed this installment because the identity of "A" is finally revealed. Shepard did a good job introducing enough characters to keep readers guessing throughout the first four books. Although I found myself strongly disliking a few of the main characters during this book, I realize I'm reading about 16 yr old high school girls whose priorities are not the same as a 32 yr old mother.

Grade: B+

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