Monday, August 23, 2010

Perfect [Shepard]

Book: Perfect [Pretty Little Liars book #3]
Author: Sara Shepard

Review: 'Perfect' follows the girls through trying times. Spencer remembers something that happened three years ago and worries she may be responsible for Ali's death, Hanna finds herself losing her social status at school resulting in an eating disorder, Aria struggles to keep parental secrets while Emily has a secret girlfriend. When the girls decide to ignore "A" warnings and their secrets are made public, they have a lot to deal with. When one of the girls figures out who "A" is, she is unable to reveal "A"'s identity due to an attack.

Written with the same quick, light dialogue of its predecessors, I enjoyed 'Perfect' more due to the faster pace and action. Once again, a fun read.

Grade: B+

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