Monday, April 2, 2012

Hard Bitten [Neill]

Book: Hard Bitten [Chicagoland Vampires book 4]
Author: Chloe Neill

Review: A new drug is on the scene and vampires are getting out of control. Tensions between humans and vampires are on the rise and Mayor Tate tells Ethan he has a few days to resolve the issue or he will arrest Ethan. Merit has a suspicion that Celina is involved but she teams up with Jonah to figure out who is behind "V." 

This book was very boring. At several points I didn't even care who was distributing the drug. Some decisions were made in relation to Merit and Ethan's relationship (which was nice) and the ending was very good. I have  new hope for the series!

Grade: this book would have been a C but the ending was B-

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