Monday, April 2, 2012

Twice Bitten [Neill]

Book: Twice Bitten [Chicagoland Vampires book 3]
Author: Chloe Neill

Review: Gabriel Keene, pack leader for the North American shifters, comes in town for a conference with the other pack division leaders to discuss supernatural relations. They are currently unknown to the human population-will they remain silent or announce their presence? If the vampires go to war, will they retreat to Alaska or aid in the fight? Merit and Ethan accompany Gabriel and the other leaders to a bar for a meeting of the minds when things go terribly wrong. **spoiler alert** An assassin tries to kill Gabriel and Merit saves a shifter from serious injury. Merit and Ethan are forced to admit their feelings for each other, while Gabriel and his fellow pack leaders make a decision for their people. Also, there is still someone on the loose who has their own agenda for the shifters, can Merit figure it out before someone gets hurt?

This book was okay. I enjoyed the introduction of the shifters and learning about their world and culture. The "mystery" was easy to figure out and unfortunately for anyone reading who likes the romantic relationship, Ethan is a huge BORE. We meet a few new vampires in this book that show promise as interesting characters (Jonah!). I still have hopes for this series. It is just on the cusp of being so good, but the juvenile language and poorly developed characters hurt it. Also-there is a running theme that Merit, who loves greasy junk food, is introducing Ethan to all of the good places to eat in Chicago. I just find this amusing considering he has lived there for 100s of years!

Grade: B-

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