Tuesday, June 12, 2012

4:50 from Paddington [Christie]

Book: 4:50 from Paddington [Miss Marple #7]
Author: Agatha Christie

Review: Elspeth McGillicuddy is relaxing on a train when she witnesses a murder. She cannot see his face, but a man has brutally strangled a woman to death on a passing train. Elspeth reports the incident to a porter and continues on her way to visit her dear old friend, Miss Marple. Relaying the incident to Miss Marple, they go to the local police. However, a body is not found. Did Elspeth imagine the incident? Miss Marple believes her friend is telling the truth and is on the case. She is convinced the body is hidden at Rutherford Hall and sends a young professional housekeeper undercover to help her solve the case.

Lucy Eyelesbarrow (the professional housekeeper who went undercover for Miss Marple) was a welcome addition to this book. She was young, fresh and sharp. Christie did a great job creating a suspicious cast of characters at Rutherford Hall and I was thoroughly surprised at the ending. 

Grade: B

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