Monday, June 11, 2012

At Bertram's Hotel [Christie]

Book: At Bertram's Hotel [Miss Marple #10] 
Author: Agatha Christie

Review: Bertram's is a relic. A London hotel with superior customer service and old fashioned decor with all the modern conveniences. Tucked away off a side street in London, patrons travel around the world to sample the hotel's luxuries. Our favorite sleuth Miss Marple is there for a holiday when she notices some strange happenings. Things seem just too "perfect" at the hotel and when a guest goes missing then reappears with a strange story, Miss Marple helps out local police with the case.

While well-written with several suspicious characters, this book fell flat for me. Instead of a murder mystery, the police are investigating a suspicious disappearance and robberies. The story lines just weren't interesting. And while I love Miss Marple when she stays in the background, she almost too much in the background this time around. 

This one can be skipped.

Grade: C

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