Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lord Edgware Dies [Christie]

Book: Lord Edgware Dies [Hercule Poirot #9]
Author: Agatha Christie

Review: Actress Jane Wilkinson engages the services of Hercule Poirot to convince her husband, Lord Edgware, to agree to a divorce so she can marry another man. When Poirot meets with Edgware, he says he agreed to a divorce months before and wrote to Jane about it. Jane claims she never received a letter from him. Shortly thereafter, a woman resembling Wilkinson arrives at Lord Edgware's house unannounced and murders him. Poirot and Hastings are on the case. Those who know Wilkinson claim she has no morals and would certainly murder her husband if it served her needs. However, she was at a dinner party when the murder took place and there are several witnesses who can place her there. Poirot navigates fact from fiction to solve the murder.

I really enjoyed this book. Christie did a great job introducing a cast of shady characters and important clues that I could not figure out (especially a pair of eyeglasses). I love the tag team of Poirot and Hastings. This is a good one for mystery lovers. 

Grade: B

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