Saturday, November 10, 2012

Biting Cold [Neill]

Book: Biting Cold [Chicagoland Vampires #6]
Author: Chloe Neill

Review: I want to love this series, I really do. It has all the ingredients for success and I keep hoping the next book will be the one that blows me away, but alas, I'm disappointed yet again. 

**this review contains spoilers**

Mallory has escaped the Order and she is on the hunt for one of the most powerful books in the world. The Order is convinced the book is in a secure location (really? after Mallory already stole it from the previous 'secure' location they just assume this next one will be beyond her powers?). Not surprisingly, Mallory and Seth find the book and it is quickly destroyed, but not before releasing Seth's evil twin (yes, an evil twin storyline!). Mallory is washing dishes at a bar (Gabriel and the shifters are watching her and decided this is the best form of punishment for her actions) and tries to repair her relationships with Merit and Catcher while Merit and Ethan try to stop the evil twin who is on a path for vengeance. Cadogan House is also under intense scrutiny by the GP and their could be grave repercussions for their perceived actions. 

Readers of this blog know I'm not a fan of Ethan so I was thrilled when Neill killed him off and introduced a new potential love interest with Jonah. Jonah (interesting! dynamic! fun!) was barely mentioned in this book which was disappointing. The lack of relationship between Merit and Ethan is also probably frustrating for those who love them together, because Neill still hasn't really allowed them to be a couple throughout this series. It's the same 'not is not a good time' line from Ethan we've been hearing for several books now. I was hoping for an intense search for Mallory but her storyline was wrapped up relatively quickly. I think the best part of these books are the banter between Merit, Catcher, Jeff and Mallory and that was lacking in this book. A lot of new supernatural creatures were introduced and I hope Neill uses them in the future. 

Once again, I WANT TO LOVE this series...maybe the next one with be a home run? I'll let you know!!

Grade: 3/5

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