Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where We Belong [Giffin]

Book: Where We Belong
Author: Emily Giffin

Review: Marian's life is seemingly perfect. She is a 36 year old successful television producer in New York and dating the perfect man. But her perfect world is turned upside down when her biggest secret, an unplanned child she gave up for adoption 18 years ago, shows up at her door. As the perfect life Marian created starts to shatter, she gets to know her daughter, Kirby Rose and confronts her past, which she has pushed away for years. 

I'm usually a huge fan of alternate points of view, but rotating narrative between Marian and Kirby did not work here. Giffin was successful in writing Kirby as a typical teenager with angst, however I found her extremely annoying (were we all that self involved when we were 18? Yikes). I cringed whenever I came to her chapters. Marian was more tolerable but very boring. Her young love story and the pregnancy that resulted was not really that memorable. They dated a few weeks (maybe it was a month?) and Marian never even told anyone they were dating. **spoiler alert** She never even told him she was pregnant yet she has still carried a torch for him all these years? 

This book was okay. I enjoyed it but it was nothing special. The inferred relationship at the end of the book was extremely unrealistic and I'm glad it was just a suggestion and did not come to life on the pages. 

Grade: 3/5

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